This is what we believe in.

At Progversity, we believe that the most important variable in a political campaign at any level in any jurisdiction in any country is the message.

Your election strategy is how you would serve once you win. Winning is not an end in itself.

Wining the election is the beginning of your task. We will show you how to lead and transform your people’s lives.

Your campaign message should be powerful, original, transformational and almost impossible to rebut by opponents.

Progversity is for those who want to bring fundamental change- and be transformational leaders.

Transformational leaders offer real solutions to the fundamental problems of the day.

To be a true progressive is to be a disruptor of the economic and political order.

To be a true progressive is to be an enemy of the status quo 

To be a true progressive is to embark immediately in building the new economic and political sysem  with whatever resources are available and then expand/grow from there.

A true progressive is a revolutionary by definition. The immediate goal work of a revolutionary is to execute a revolution. The first step in effecting a revolution is by seizing power. In the twenty first century, you seize power by contesting and winning the next election.


Today, as 2020s begin, there are three intertwining forces, worsening each passing day, and moving towards a vortex. This vortex will be characterized by unimaginable economic depression, global insecurity, collapse of democratic institutions, and even democracies themselves, wars and warlordism, skyrocketing crime, terrorism, ecological disasters and irreversible global climatic upheavals.

By themselves, each of these three forces are problematic enough to cause enough chaos if we do not fundamentally reorient our society’s managerial paradigm.

When combined together, the arrest of these three forces will require nothing short of a revolution- an economic and political shift never seen before in modern history.

Progversity seminars lay out not only how each of these forces are escalating towards the vortex at an increasing velocity, but how they intertwine in space and time, as well as how they have the capacity of ending civilization as we know it.

The seminars explain an escape route -a roadmap- that can put a stop to the downward spiral, and create the cornerstones of a brave new green economy, and prosperous sustainable living for all.

The seminars posit that the solution to the three-pronged problem will not emerge from the current political and economic system –because the problem is baked in the system.

The seminars seek to inspire participants to real action in the real world. It will reveal to them action pathways that would enable them to start being changemakers in their communities. 

The world need economic and political transformation urgently. Only progressives in power can foster sustainable prosperity and ecological restoration. The 21st century progressive’s  role is to foster the transformation needed toward sustainable prosperity.

But…Can they? Not without training.

And you? What do you believe in?